Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday report (on Sunday)

Yesterday I was up from 6 a.m. to midnight (with one break in between). What a day!

I was up early to volunteer at Twin Cities in Motion's 100% Irish for a Day races at Lake Harriet. On Friday night, rain was supposed to roll in, and with temperatures right around freezing, it could have made for really dangerous driving (and running) conditions, so cancellation was a possibility. Luckily, it stayed just warm enough, and the races were on! There were a ton of people dressed festively - a ton of green tutus - and runners seemed to be in good spirits. Also, there was a break in the rain until right at the very end of the morning!

Just picture oodles of runners, many of them in green, looping around this lake on such a dreary day. (Can you even tell it's a lake? Probably not.) Anyway, it was a great sight.

I pulled together a few things for the evening, including a cake for which I've had a hankering for ages, grilled corn guacamole (but substitute frozen corn for grilled corn - sigh), and the black bean salsa recipe I tried a few weeks ago for Oscar night.

Then I went into the living room to watch the Tennessee versus Missouri basketball game, partly because I've been keeping up with UT basketball given the volume of Tennessee athletics content in my Twitter feed and partly because I wanted to hear "Rocky Top." I couldn't give you a thorough game report, though. It seems that I fell asleep waiting for the previous game's overtime to end so my game would start, and when I woke up, it was halftime. Oops. Bad fan. Tennessee did win, though!

Later, I took Wish for a walk while Josh ran an errand. The rain paused for the entire duration of the 20-minute walk, and it felt warm and springy - and very puddly. The puddles were huge (I saw one take up the better part of an alley) and of course that made for a wonderful surface for reflections.

We had a few friends over, for the first time in what seemed like ages. Wish was a little weirded out by the hubbub at the cookie party I hosted back in December, but it's important to us that he get comfortable with people around the house because, well, we really like having people around the house! We asked our friends to just kind of ignore him, so he could get used to having people around again. They probably thought we were goofy helicopter dog owners, because Wish mostly just flopped down on the floor, with intermittent loops around the guests to see if any crumbs were falling his way. He was a champ, I had a great time, and I hope our friends did, too.

And now it's Sunday morning, and I have some more coffee and a Sunday paper calling my name. Happy weekend to you!

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