Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hodge Podge: Wednesday edition

Oh, dear. I thought about this post and was gearing up for a Three Things Thursday, until I realized that, yes, it's indeed still Wednesday. This week is flying, so I'm not sure why this happened. Josh came back from a work trip last night, and Wish and I picked him up at the airport and the dog flung himself into Josh's arms. It's really true that one fun part of dog ownership is seeing how thrilled a dog is when you come home everyday. It's even better when these two see each other after time apart. Wish sulked and moped and he's very happy that Josh is back home.

This morning I saw the tiniest little lone flower backlit against the sidewalk. I loved it. Later in the day, it had flipped upside down and the magic effect was gone.

Later in the day, I went to the library to pick up the two books I had on hold. I was delighted to see the books together, which are pretty much the definition of old school. I love my Kindle, but I feel like this is how classics ought to be read, no?

Finally, with temperatures in the 90s for the better part of the week, I swung over to our garden after work to give the plants a quick drink of water. I had planned to go tomorrow morning but was talking to my mom on the phone and got the word that the plants would only probably be okay if I didn't go until tomorrow. (I bombard my mom with questions, usually about watering patterns, to which I seem to expect definitive answers because of her amazing gardening prowess. I'm sure she's thrilled by this.)

Anyway, the light was really pretty, and all of a sudden, tiny peppers and cucumbers have emerged. I watered the plants and then looked around at the rest of the gardens. One of my very favorite gardens in the whole area (there are 50 total) happens to be very close to our plot. The owner is growing vegetables but has filled in the free space with gorgeous orange and yellow marigolds. They were practically glowing tonight in the July evening sun.

I am keeping cool and hydrating with a mint fizzy. What book should I read first?

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  1. I LOVE that backlit flower photo!!! Great shot. As for marigolds: they are SUPPOSED to keep away bunnies. Hmph. Even if they don't for me, they still look pretty amongst veggies. I gotta come see your plot!! -sj