Friday, July 19, 2013

Morning sunflowers

In addition to the marigolds I wrote about earlier this week, I also love one garden neighbor's sunflowers. (Is it too late to get in on the sunflower game? I need some plans for when my green beans are done.)

I think sunflowers are magnificent. Also, this neighbor's garden has tons of huge regular-size tomatoes growing. He or she is doing some good stuff.

Some of the sunflowers are still all closed up.

Some remind me of a little bonnet. (Fun fact: my mom made me a bonnet once for a Laura Ingalls Wilder Halloween costume and I wore it on many more occasions than just Halloween. Not kidding.)

And then, of course, some sunflowers are in full bloom:

Right after I was done looking at the sunflowers (or finally heeded someone's gentle suggestion for fewer photos and more weeding), the sun popped over the skyline and cast gold light over the whole garden. Ooh. I could have started all over but decided to attend to garden chores. Cucumbers are growing like crazy and a pepper plant has decided to grow at, like, a 45-degree angle, so we'll get a stake for it this weekend.

Also, next week, I will consider blogging about something besides our garden and the neighboring gardens. Consider.

Happy Friday to you!

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