Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sibling hangout

Earlier this year, my brother and sister and I made a pact that we would make fun plans at least once per month among just the three of us. (I think "make a pact" sounds more serious than it actually was, but it also sounds like a total sibling thing to do, doesn't it?)

Now that we've been successful for three months running, I think it's working. Important to note: We don't see our parents less than usual! These hangouts are strictly in addition to our larger family activities.

May: We ate ice cream at Izzy's.  I definitely set up my camera on a counter and put the timer on for the first picture. The second is the patented Long Arm photography technique.

June: We met for happy hour in Uptown and got to sit outside.

That was also the site of one of my favorite photos ever:

This month, the only day that worked for all three schedules was tonight - that's right, July 31. We planned for dinner at my house, specifically to use our CSA vegetables because my brother and I have boxes from the same farm, but we didn't plan too well. We set the dinner for a Wednesday night, when we pick up our boxes on Thursday, so we both had to fetch vegetables from the grocery store for our seasonal menu.

My brother made salsa and I made a slight variation of this chicken and summer vegetable tostada, with chicken off the grill and black beans on the tostada instead of on the side. Dessert: blondies (like brownies but with brown sugar and pecans instead of chocolate) warmed up and served with vanilla ice cream. (Yes, I did want a reason to make blondies!)

Wish got to participate this time - and by participate, I guess I mean get held by my sister.

I very much like this new tradition with these sweet siblings.