Monday, July 29, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 30

I'm starting the week with a full, grateful heart after a sweet party with family and friends yesterday.

Other marvelous items of note:

1) I am utterly captivated by Gone With the Wind now and would love to have an impromptu book club with anyone that will entertain such an idea, although I'm only halfway through it.

2) I used up a bunch of zucchini with a new recipe tonight: zucchini and basil lasagna. I thought I had lasagna noodles at home and it turns out I didn't, so it became a bowtie lasagna variation. Bonus: I got to use a full cup of basil from our garden in it! (And I give the recipe a thumbs up, with or without pasta variation.)

3) The late July clouds are fantastic.

4) I squeezed in a run over lunch today.

5) I get a preview via email of each week's CSA box, which is a marvelous thing in itself, but today's newsletter was exceptional because it teased watermelon!

Let's end this post on that watermelon note. What's your favorite watermelon-related recipe? Favorite summer recipe that you must cook each year between Memorial Day and Labor Day?

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