Monday, July 8, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 27

I've missed a couple of Marvelous Mondays lately, including the halfway point of 2013! Time to get back:

1) I'm almost done reading The Shining Girls, which is making the media rounds this summer. It's creepy and probably not the best book to read before bed, but it's got me hooked.

2) Molly and I had planned a run for this evening, but with the temperature hovering near 90, we thought a stroll might be wiser. Baby (her sweet boy!) came with us and we had a splendid walk around her neighborhood.

3) Later in the evening, Josh and I had marriage preparation class. We've been meeting every week or two with a couple at the church where we're getting married and go through a workbook with exercises about communication, financial goals, conflict resolution, and that sort of thing. We were totally unsure about what to expect going into these classes but have found them really interesting, productive and valuable.

4) With each member of my household contributing, we've finished the eight pounds of strawberries I picked with Mom last Tuesday. That is not marvelous, but the strawberries were definitely marvelous. We ate most of them plain, made strawberry shortcake once and finished the leftover strawberry toppings on ice cream.

5) We cleaned yesterday and are starting the week with a clean house, which makes everyone happy except Wish, because he had to listen to the vacuum cleaner.

What are you up to this week, Reader? Best book you've read so far this summer? Favorite summer food? Tell me, please!

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