Monday, July 15, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 28

Monday! Marvelous! Go!

1) This evening I stopped by our garden plot. I saw a sea of green cherry tomatoes thanks to a combination of this weekend's torrential rain and today's hot sun, and then I noticed one lone very perfectly orange-red ripe cherry tomato. I know this is sort of overdramatic, but I hope I never forget the wonder I felt looking at this darn little tomato.

2) I got to stroll with Molly and her baby again today after work. We meant to have weekly running dates on Mondays, but it has been so hot both times we've tried to meet in the evening that we've just walked instead. I find more joy in walking around neighborhoods than I have in years past, and today's extra bonus was walking up a beautiful street that we hadn't seen or noticed before.

3) I tried my hand at making enchilada sauce over the weekend. I want vats and vats of enchilada sauce in the freezer from now forward.

4) Wish makes me laugh out loud most days, but he has been especially goofy lately. Over the weekend, he was pretending to be catlike as he stalked some pigeons, and even the pigeons figured out his game from, like, eight yards away. Poor guy. Stealth is not his forte.

5) I just got notice from the library that my requested copy of Gone With The Wind has arrived. I have an unexplainable hankering to read that book. I also have Pride and Prejudice waiting for me. Can you tell I'm about to embark on a classics kick?

Bonus marvelous: our wedding is now less than two months away!

What's marvelous about your week so far? If you are a Minnesota gardener, how did your garden fare with all of the rain this weekend? Any good classic books you've discovered or come back to lately?

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  1. I loved exploring new streets with you! Also- fun fact- I read Gone With The Wind at least three times over the course of one summer during my adolescence. After the first time, I skipped all the war scenes and read only the romance moments. :)