Monday, July 22, 2013

Marvelous Monday: Week 29

It's Marvelous Monday!

1) I seem to have conflicting goals in that I'd like to improve my 5K time but have not been particularly inclined to adjust my weekly mileage accordingly upward. That trend stops now! (I hope.) Six miles in the books this morning + a sunrise:

2) I cut up a gigantic, sweet watermelon over the weekend. There are few things more refreshing to me than watermelon after a morning run. (I feel like at least one-third of summer Marvelous Mondays include watermelon in some form. Maybe closer to half.)

3) Also in watermelon-related news, Wish has always been curious about watermelon but usually nibbles on a chunk and then discards it somewhere around the house. This watermelon must be really sweet, because he has decided it's the best thing in the world and scarfs it like it's on par with steak.

4) I'm working on Gone With the Wind, this month's classic book project. I'm really enjoying it, but you wouldn't know it by looking at my reading patterns. I've been reading it right before bed and average literally four or five pages before I fall asleep, even though I don't find it boring at all. I finally made actual progress this weekend, which is good because I'm not sure an average of four pages per day will allow me to return it to the library on time.

5) It's almost green bean and cucumber harvest time in our garden.

What's marvelous about the start of your week, Reader? Have you read Gone With the Wind? Do you stock up on as much watermelon as I do in the summer? Does anyone out there not like watermelon? Please share.

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