Friday, January 13, 2012

The bug

Itch!  Itch!

I have the fever!  No, nothing gross.  Just normal, run of the mill weekend-getaway-warm-weather-sun-in-my-face-spring-travel fever.

This change of heart is so abrupt that it probably gives my outside-Minnesota readers whiplash.  Wasn't she just warbling about how warm and sunny and beautiful it was?  

Well, yes.  But it's back to cloudy and feels-like-four-degrees, and it's when you start to realize just how many layers of clothes are required for some semblance of comfort, and it's when everyone around here starts talking about their plans to get out of town sometime over the next couple of months.  I went out for a lunch run to get some fresh air today, and the sky was spitting this homely, icy snow in my face.  I started daydreaming about where I might take a getaway later this winter.  I'm not sure if that will actually happen - and I assure you that I won't grouch about cold temperatures day after day until spring arrives, regardless of whether said trip actually unfolds. 

But isn't it fun to just daydream?

Here are my brainstorms:
1) Myrtle Beach in mid-February for a half-marathon I've had my eye on for ages
2) New Orleans in early March for a half-marathon that coincides with Mardi Gras
3) Arizona or Florida, for baseball spring training
4) Albuquerque, just because (this probably won't happen because I badly want to save my first Albuquerque trip for the balloon festival some October)
5) the Dominican Republic (obviously even less practical for a somewhat spontaneous long weekend, but practical is not the name of the game in a wishlist, is it?)

By the end of the run, the sun had come out in full force and the snow was falling much more prettily and less icily.  (How real were those two words, by the way?)  Things weren't so dreary.  And it's true that my lungs were full of fresh air and my body must have gotten at least a tiny jolt of Vitamin D. I do love this place, even if it doesn't currently allow for sundresses.

Also, on an unrelated note, I greatly enjoy seeing what you guys type into Google to get to my blog.  It is usually pretty straightforward stuff, but greetings to whoever found Miles and Laurel by googling "my beach boy plaid motor robe review"! I don't know what that is and I don't imagine my photos of Josh wearing a plaid fleece robe helped solve your question, but welcome!  I hope you enjoy this visit. Good heavens, I'm talking about M&L like it's a B&B. Welcome, just the same!

Happy weekend, Reader!  Are you dreaming about any trips this winter?  Or better yet, have you made actual plans for one?

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  1. If you go to Arizona for spring training, let us know and we'll meet you out there. We can even offer up free lodging and transportation at Casa Melamed...I'm 100% serious too.