Saturday, January 28, 2012

What the snow says

Once in awhile when I'm running, I'm totally captivated by the idea of whose feet have also touched the spot of the earth that my feet are touching.  Not in a weird or germy way, Reader, and not all the time.  (To be totally honest, I think it's usually about F. Scott Fitzgerald, who grew up in a neighborhood where I often run.)

It's just fun to daydream about.  And yesterday, it was especially easy to do that, because a light dusting of snow had fallen. Because it didn't melt, it captured every movement on the route since the snow started at noon.

I don't even know what this is but I thought it looked sort of like ribbons.

And this!  I think these are little ice pellets with snow on top.

Finally, if I've learned one thing this winter, it's how much I love pawprints in the snow!

Yikes!  Gotta run.  I have cupcakes to frost.  (Maybe more on this later.)  Happy Saturday to you, Reader!

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