Friday, January 20, 2012

Touchscreen madness

A new phone!

A moment of background: I have had my Blackberry for two or three years. I mildly fought the smartphone thing for awhile and then grew to like the little Blackberry.  But as phones do, the poor thing started to really run out of steam over the last few months.  I began to keep my eyes open for a new phone.

Josh and I went to the Verizon store over the weekend to "learn more" about a new phone for me, and as luck would have it, we left with a new phone for him instead.  Hmph!  I found a lovely phone that was on a nice sale, so it was temporarily out of stock and I had to have it shipped to me.

My HTC Thunderbolt arrived on Wednesday. I pulled the phone out of the box, and I kid you not, the first thing I did (after cooing) was test it out holding it up to my ear.  Like this:

That does not make sense, for two reasons:
  1. Did I expect it to possibly not line up properly?
  2. I don't actually use my phone's telephone function enough to warrant that motion being the phone's first test.
In case you are interested in seeing a generic picture of a phone, happy Friday!  Here it is:

When I first got my Blackberry, I remember that my friend Nora told me sagely that I would quickly find a little point on the top of each index finger that enabled downright speedy typing on the keyboard.  She was right.  This is my first touchscreen phone, and I have yet to find that golden ticket.  I have had some strange run-ins with Autocorrect, which does not seem to appreciate my use of the word "totes" ("Did you mean 'rites'?" "No, I definitely did not mean 'rites'") or the nicknames I have for friends.

But it is coming along, especially since last night, when I found the voice function that allows me to speak a text message and have it be rendered at least 80 percent correctly on the screen.  (THAT'S COOL!)  Also, the video is better than my computer's video, and the camera has more megapixels than my actual camera.  And it is fast!  I watched a Parks and Rec episode on it last night, and it was so smooth.  I got Words With Friends, too.  Whew.  I'm coming around.

What are the best apps on your smartphone, Reader?  What else would I like?  And what do you have going on this weekend?

P.S. Today I definitely saw a man leisurely smoking a cigar while he ran a snowblower on his sidewalk.

That's all.

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