Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Three things I am loving this week:

1) Heck!  I love reading Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!  As you may remember, I got it yesterday at the library and was very excited about it.  I started reading it last night before going to sleep, and it turned into one of those reading adventures in which one is so sleepy, she should put down the book but doesn't want to put down the book.  And then I woke up this morning and picked it back up again!  I love feeling that way about what I'm reading. I am also pleased to practice reading a play, which I have very rarely done in my lifetime.

Can you picture me reading this play?  It's hard, isn't it?  Thank heavens I documented the general idea in a spontaneous, natural way.  This is what I feel like doing until I finish it! I can't help it!

2) I went out to dinner last night with Josh and my family (minus my sister) to celebrate his birthday.  We went to one of our beloved Mexican restaurants in St. Paul, and the steamy fajitas were just what I needed after going for a run before dinner in the frozen, gusty tundra that my city turned back into yesterday.  Brr. Brr.  Anyway, if the restaurant gets word that it's someone's birthday, the waitress brings out this fab sombrero and you get to wear it while your party sings.  (I have a feeling I'm making this sound less fun than it is. It's fun!)  Of course, we notified helpfully that we were indeed celebrating a cumpleaños.  And Josh got to wear the sombrero!

3) The 2012 Olympic Trials for the marathon are on Saturday in Houston!  I am a fan of many runners in this race, including the Team USA Minnesota runners.  My friend Dan helped work on a video about four Team USA Minnesota runners training for Saturday's marathon.  I saw it today, and it's great.  I'm crossing my fingers for good weather for the race and can't wait to see who the top three men and women are!

Okay, Reader.  Tell me: What's good about your Thursday?

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  1. okay, so the best play I have ever read was "six degrees of separation." to be fair, i saw it performed and was so taken by it that I immediately checked it out and read it through twice. kind of the opposite of what you are doing for our cultural date! sj