Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let it sew! or Sew What?

Ha!  Sorry, Reader.

Yes, as mentioned earlier this week, Santa brought me a shiny, beautiful new sewing machine for Christmas.  Its brand is Brother and I greatly enjoyed calling it "Brother" during the week I was home, especially when my actual brother was also home.

First, I had to assemble it.  I did this when my mom was at work, specifically so I couldn't rely on her sewing expertise.  I have a historic tradition of avoiding instruction booklet diagrams, so this was a healthy exercise.

Well, except for when the instruction booklet got me all nervous.  Look at this page:

Seriously?  Does a nervous beginner need two CAUTION! warnings?  "'Make sure you thread the machine properly. Otherwise, the thread could tangle and break the needle,'" I growled out loud.  "I'm trying!"

And the next page:

"If you incorrectly feed the thread you may cause sewing problems."  Thanks, Booklet.  I needed that.

But soon enough I was motoring along, practicing on a scrap of cotton my mom gave me. Corners!  Straight lines! Zigzags!

My mom was pleased with my progress.  (As my mother, though, I admit she's not a neutral observer.)  The next day, she took me out on the town, and we rummaged through JoAnn Fabrics and this monster fabric warehouse in town.

The project: A robe!

Somehow over the holidays, I had promised Josh that my first sewing project would be a fleece robe for him.  Mom and I scrutinized racks and racks of fleece.  We almost left with some pawprint fleece that he later enthusiastically vetoed.  Luckily, we found the perfect red plaid print.

So perfect, in fact, that I used it first as a blanket.

Quit lounging.  Get down to business.  Here I am later that night, pinning down the patterns:

And then, the next morning, I started the actual sewing.  I learned a lot, thanks to my mom.  I learned about topstitching and staystitching and backstitching and curved seams and flat seams.  All in all, the project came together pretty quickly and with minimal critical errors (and no sewn fingers!).  We had been joking around about this darn robe for weeks, but when I finished it, I felt a serious little burst of pride.  My first sewing project!

In case you were wondering, yes, I bought two Lands End boys flannel shirts for myself, and no, I did not wear anything else the entire time I was home.  Here, we tackle the final fitting!

And he models the final product!

We are so plaid.

Lots of other projects are hopping around in my brain now.  I may have even purchased fleece for the next robe!

A very important sidenote
A billion warm birthday wishes go out to my wonderful friend (and devoted Miles and Laurel fan) Sara today!  Sara and I met each other when we were 18, and now she is 28!  Hence, at Sara's birthday party tonight, I will also be toasting 2012 as our 10-year friendship birthday.

Plus, do you think it's a coincidence that the new "Jersey Shore" season premieres the same week as Sara's birthday?  I think not.  Happy birthday, friend.

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  1. First of all, that robe is seriously impressive. Damn, are you taking custom orders yet?

    Second of all, I can't believe I forgot to wish you a happy 10-year friendship anniversary! I am so touched you remembered though.

    -sj (#1 fan)