Sunday, January 22, 2012

Words with strangers

So, Reader, late last week I broke the exciting news that I had kicked my Blackberry to the curb in favor of this Thunderbolt.  Blackberry is not much for the apps phenomenon, so Josh has been eagerly recommending apps.  (This is mostly really helpful, except for when he keeps pushing the "flashlight" app.  Also, we practicing Skyping with each other in the same room yesterday.)  There truly seems to be an app for about anything you could ever imagine.  Some of them (TETRIS!!) are very exciting to me.  

I mentioned Words With Friends very briefly last week.  Ooh, that is a fun game! It's like Scrabble but online.  It made Alec Baldwin get into that heap of trouble on that plane.  Over the weekend, I started playing with a couple of friends.  I also sent Josh an invitation to play a game.  Then I discovered that there's a messaging function within Words With Friends, so you can compliment and/or trash-talk moves accordingly.  Later, I realized that Josh had still not responded to my bold first word: "stat." (Hold your applause.)  Via the messaging function, I heckled him goodnaturedly.  

Later in the day, we were discussing this fabulous game (I promise we talk about other topics, too) and he said, "You didn't challenge me to a game." I was all, "YES I DID!" and immediately grabbed my phone to show him.  

And then I said, "Um, what's your user name?"  

And he told me his username, which, of course, was a different version of JoshFirstNameJoshLastName than I had been bothering.  And I groaned.  And then - here I will sacrifice my dignity for the sake of the story - I remembered that in addition to bothering DifferentJosh about the game, I had also been so thrilled to find the messenger function that I had also messaged DifferentJosh to see if he wanted to get a hangaber at the Blue Door Pub that night for dinner. (It's what Loco calls a hamburger, okay?  It just stuck.)  

I laughed until I cried.  Bless DifferentJosh for not responding to "stat," let alone my invitation to go get hangabers.  I may need to stick to real-life Scrabble.

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