Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunset with shorts

One more day of this monster heat wave, Reader.  It's kooky to me how quickly we acclimate to a temperature range and accept it as normal.  This morning I checked the temperature online, saw that it was merely in the low 40s and not close to the predicted 52 degree high, and practically rolled my eyes at the computer screen. "Come back when it's closer to 50 and then we'll talk."

Tomorrow the mercury will dip nearly 20 degrees, and then 15 more degrees the day after that.  It will feel like winter again.  But today, one last time for the foreseeable future, I put on my shorts - yellow shorts, because I love them even more than normal black running shorts - and went out for a run in an unseasonably warm evening.

And ooh, nothing has changed.  I am still a fool for a good sunset.

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