Monday, January 2, 2012

Marvelous Monday: 2012 Kickoff Edition

The first Marvelous Monday of 2012, Reader!

1) Today was a major Focus on the Home day.  I feel like it was the first actual "tackle a list of household projects" day we might have ever had.  Frames are hung, our squat little Christmas tree is gone, lights are functioning and a busted towel rack has been marvelously replaced.

2) Also, related to #1, I concocted a painting plan for our dining room/kitchen about which I am very excited.  I love looking at paint samples, and I love paint names: Honey Pot, Stella d'Oro, Lemoncello, Lantern Light and Lemonade.  (This should give you a hint of the color scheme I'm contemplating.)  I can't wait to get started!

3) Saturday night's snow and ice hodgepodge mashed into something that looks like weird popcorny snow.  It is slippery out there, but kind of pretty.

4) Our tree may be removed, but the holiday cards are here to stay.  I hung them on four sides of a post by our kitchen counter, and I love looking at them.  There are babies and families and weddings and holiday scenes - and all around warm wishes. I think it's one of my favorite spots in the apartment right now.  If they are still up in July, I might revisit taking them down, but for now, leave them be!

5) Josh and I took a walk this morning and stumbled on these.  Are you missing a pair of teeth?  Call me.  Actually, that implies that I picked these bad boys up off the ground.  I didn't.

Assuming you are not sans creepy teeth, what is marvelous about your Monday?

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