Thursday, January 26, 2012

Editing birthday cards

I love tampering with cards.

Well, Reader, you know I love cards in general - tampered or untampered.  (How many times in one post can I say "tampered?"  Let's see!)  

Phrased unelegantly, getting mail is just so darn fun.  As you also know, I love to give average days more pizzazz, so unsurprisingly, birthdays are my cup of tea.  I'm not much for fanfare and big scenes, but I do like to celebrate. 

And remember when you were a kid, and you'd practically lose sleep over an approaching birthday, you were so excited?  And then when you finally reached the big day and you could officially call yourself that next age, you felt so fab!

Somewhere past the age of 21, people usually stop feeling so excited about birthdays. So, just for fun, sometimes I like to buy a birthday card meant for a child and make one little edit with a black marker to suit the adult recipient.

Recently, I browsed the card racks to find just the right greeting for a 28th birthday, brought it home and got out my trusty black marker for the edit.

Adding a puppy to a card is never a bad thing.
Hee, hee.  I'm glad I found a good "8" card because the "2" cards were a little too young - one had something to do with being so thrilled to finally be able to eat with a spoon.  Not quite right.  You gotta strike the right balance between joyful and...juvenile?

Whether you love or hate this idea, Reader, I dare you to try looking at kids' cards next time you're searching for a birthday greeting and keep a straight face.