Thursday, February 23, 2012

The almost-Friday recap

This week has been a quiet one: some What is the What reading, some cooking, some running - the usual. The major new adventure continues to be my Core Power Yoga classes.  I did my second heated class last night (opposed to the nonheated classes I took last week) and it's a little funny because this is a super-challenging and fascinating new little journey for me, but it's not one that's easily captured in photos unless you're interested in a picture of my red, sweaty face. (Please don't be!)  

The major good news is that I have not fallen on my face in yoga for a full week now.  But like one of my yoga teachers said: if you're not falling, you're not learning, no?

I bring you Three Things Thursday:

1) Josh and I went out to breakfast before work this morning!  I had a truly beautiful egg and sausage sandwich, with sweet potato hash. We generally fly around each other in the home each morning in various stages of hurry up, so the mid-week morning mini-dates are something to which we both look forward.  We're trying to do these weekly this winter and spring.

2) I launched an Explosions in the Sky station on Pandora today - that is the band possibly best known for the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack - and the second song to pop on was "The Winner Is" from the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack (i.e. one of my favorite movies and songs of all time). Pandora is mysterious and all-knowing.

3) I saw 40 Things That Make Corgis Happy.  Go.  Just look.  Happy Thursday!

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