Monday, February 6, 2012

Marvelous Monday: 2012, Vol. 6

How on earth did it turn into six weeks into 2012?

As noted last week, I will keep this entry a true Marvelous Monday instead of a weekend recap.  The weekend was a full one and I will report about it soon enough.  Because I know you are all on the edge of your seats wondering what Very Exciting Plans I had for Saturday, though, I will spill the beans, partly because it was a total fail!  

Last weekend, I was reading the Sunday paper. I always browse the events calender and I almost fell out of my chair when I saw a listing for a hot air balloon festival coming up.  Attending a hot air balloon festival is an item on my 101 in 1,001 list - I've wanted to go the Albuquerque festival in October forever - and I was majorly crossing my fingers that I could go to either Albuquerque or a festival held sort of near Josh's hometown.  But who am I to turn down a festival featuring 40 balloons a mere 30 minutes from my home? How cool does that sound?  I researched the launch times, Josh and I made plans to go on Saturday morning to the 7:30 a.m. launch, and I was very, very excited.

Well.  You remember my hoarfrost/fog photo post, right?  I got up on Saturday morning, put the coffee on, put in my contacts, and was preparing for our 6:45 a.m. departure when I thought I should check to make sure the launch was on.  Of course, it was cancelled because of the low visibility.  (I'm not sure Josh was as dismayed as I was.)  Then we made plans to go to the afternoon launch, drove to the festival, and were hanging out on the launch field with hundreds of fellow hot air balloon enthusiasts when we got word that the 3:00 launch was cancelled, too, because of the muddy field conditions.

In conclusion, a hot air balloon festival is still on my list of sights to see.  I think the precise combination of safe conditions for a mass hot air balloon launch is pretty rare, so I will chalk this up as good practice and knowledge for when I finally do get to see a launch.

And with that tale in the books, I bring you Marvelous Monday:

1) I have been reading a lot lately - is that because it's winter? Regardless, I remembered how much I love to read! The most recent book was "The Descendants," which I recommend, and I'm now very excited to see the movie.  Marvelous: I'm excited to pick my next book.
2) I am determined to return a pile of movies rented from a local Red Box tonight to take control of the open charge on my debit card.  That would be really marvelous.
3) The sun is shining and it is 43 degrees.  I am bummed that it's my day off from running, but it sure is marvelous.
4) I stopped at a grocery store yesterday for guacamole ingredients and had the presence of mind to get enough grapefruit for four breakfasts.  It felt like a little present to myself this morning.

5) I also ate a very terrific caprese sandwich for lunch today from Common Roots Cafe.  There is no end to how much I love caprese.

What is marvelous about your day, Reader?

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