Friday, February 3, 2012

A blog about fog

In honor of Friday, here comes a mashup of two of my favorite kinds of posts: the "seen on my run" post and the "talk about weather" post.  Yes!

The past couple of days in Minnesota have been foggy and gray.  I have heard more than one comparison to London, which I cannot verify since I've not been there. When one's attitude is sunny, this weather is mysterious and romantic and cozy.  If one is not feeling quite as chipper, it can sure seem gloomy.

Okay, to give you an idea, here's a picture from yesterday's run:

It looks blurry, dark, out of focus, or generally weird, right?  It's funny - this actually resembles the first photos I took on my new phone.  I grumbled to Josh that the camera function wasn't as impressive as I'd expected, and he took a look and showed me that I had not removed the protective plastic over the lens.  Anyway, there were no camera or user malfunctions yesterday.  That's just what the river looked like at 5:00 last night!

As gloomy as that looked, as I approached the Lake Street bridge, I've never seen the bridge reflect off the water more clearly and evenly.

And as an added bonus that has nothing to do with fog at all, later in the trip I got to run by one of my favorite quirky sights in the Twin Cities: the shoe tree on the Washington bridge on the University of Minnesota campus.

As you can see, there are dozens and dozens of shoes hung neatly on this tree.  I have never looked down to see how many shoes are strewn along the riverbank.  The first time I saw it, on a run with my brother, I was so blown away I almost fell over.

On that note, Reader, I wish you a happy weekend!  I am possibly doing something very exciting (to me, anyway) tomorrow and will be back with a full report, if it pans out.

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