Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Sunday

Wait.  Not to be all "time flies so quickly," but how in the heck did it get to be Oscar time already?

Every year I think of how enriching and fun it would be to watch every Best Picture nominee, and every year, I never even get close, so I don't really have any business feeling passionate about the race.  I did cover Moneyball, Midnight in Paris, and The Descendants, and although all three were great, my vote would probably go to The Descendants.  And at a minimum, whether I'm fully or barely invested, it's sure a pleasant Sunday night TV program.

Yes, it's full Sunday night mode over at Miles and Laurel.  I have my Sunday paper still waiting for me.  I also have a Sock Party going on, in the form of a huge laundry basket full of all of our socks eagerly waiting to be matched with partners. Josh knocked out some major cleaning while I was enjoying brunch with my book club, so I'll gladly take on Sock Party - although I have been telling him that as soon as I cash in a winning lottery ticket, I'm buying a huge quantity of identical black socks.

Ha!  That was a thrilling paragraph!  Socks!

After brunch (and discovering a lovely new dish called egg puff - thanks, Kate!), Josh and I went for a walk.  I credit him for the following photo.  He noticed Smiley Cardboard while I stepped right past it.
I love that Smiley Cardboard. 

A new week starts tomorrow, and there are some exciting things looming ahead: a possibly monstrous snowstorm, Marvelous Monday, new 101 in 1,001 cosas - and oh, yes: March!

Hey, Reader!  Do you have favorite films for which you're rooting?  Do you love or hate blush gowns on the red carpet?  And do you have a magical way to keep socks orderly and organized?  Share, please.

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