Monday, February 20, 2012

Marvelous Monday: 2012, Volume 8

Oh, marvelous!  Here we go!

1) New recipes abound in my home.  This country (or maybe just its foodies) seems to be on a fervent quest to make macaroni and cheese healthier, and I've been seeing all kinds of recipes that incorporate vegetables in a hidden and sneaky way.  Last night I tried a recipe from the Star Tribune: mac and cheese with roasted butternut squash. Yum. Tonight I'm tackling a meatloaf recipe from Cooking Light.  This will be my first meatloaf effort.  I'm not even a major meatloaf fan, but the picture is really pretty and it also involves cheddar cheese.  Wish me luck.

2) I have been curious about Core Power Yoga for a long time because I wanted to see if I could fit yoga into my fitness routine more than once a week.  I got a Groupon for a month of unlimited classes for a trial run, and I am just loving it.  It's warm and cozy and so good for my health.

3) I'm closing in on the end of Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America.  It was pretty wonderful. It made me laugh out loud (often), I learned a lot, and it made me want to be a tourist even though about 60 percent of the book is poking fun at the nation's sights and their tourists. 

It's kind of fun to start the week by picking out a new book.  What's next?  I have What is the What by Dave Eggers in my pile and a few others in my Kindle. Any recommendations?  What are you reading right now?

4) I am meeting my running buddy Molly for a run later today!  Speedwork, here we come.  Our race is in less than a month!

5) Our workout might be done under gently falling snow.  Well, it's supposed to rain or snow tonight.  Instead of rainy (read: DREARY), I choose to think that it might be a beautiful and quiet snowfall.  We shall see.  I read yesterday that the Twin Cities has had something like 15.3 inches of snow so far this winter, the least since something like 1930. (Those are approximations but I know they're close! It's crazy!)  I will welcome a little bit of snow.

What's marvelous to you?

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