Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Storm report

Yes, it snowed!

This would usually not be breaking news, but because it's such a rarity this winter, I will file a very official snow report for the Miles and Laurel archives.

I am soooo glad the snow held off until later in the evening, after my run with Molly was in the books.  We did a great (read: tough!) interval workout on the track: two sets of [800, 400, 200, 1200].  The wind was really working and it must have been pretty funny to watch us circle the track, alternating flying forward and nearly flying backward.

This morning, three inches or so had piled up in my corner of town.  It was perfect late-winter snow: heavy and sticky.  If I would've had the day off, I would've gone hog-wild with snowman-making.  Heck, this was snowfort snow.  It was all I could do to not ask my neighbor if he wanted to have a snowball fight with me while I was brushing it off my car.  (I held back.) A snowman had already sprung up along my route to work this morning, which is pretty impressive considering the snow fell overnight.

It's warm again now, and the snow is puddling.  Along the sidewalks, it looks like this:

Does this make anyone else want Oreo ice cream?  No?  Just me?  Fine!

Happy Tuesday to you!

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