Thursday, February 16, 2012

A unique Thursday

At least in Miles and Laurel land, Thursdays are not usually known for their mind-blowing content.  (Are yours?) Today was very strange! I encountered three funny unThursdaylike things.

1) At boot camp this afternoon, we had to do the Speed Ladder, which was new to me.  You have to do this fancy diagonal footwork, basically making a zigzag pattern while minding the borders created by the ladder.  Has everyone done this thing except me?  Here is your visual, cribbed from the internet and not my class.  I will never take blog photos in gym class.
I suspect I was not a vision of agility and grace.  I am used to shuffling along in a mostly-straight line for miles, not zigzagging! Boot camp is good for me.  We also jump-roped and wall-sat and did vertical jumps.  I think I will feel this workout in the morning.

2) I also visited CorePower Yoga (my Two Class Tuesdays turned into Two Class Thursdays this semester), and that's where I found myself attempting Crow Pose for the first time.

All that needs to be said is that my interpretation of Crow Pose did not look quite like this and ended with me thumping my forehead on the ground.  Next time I'm sure I will look like that lady.

3) Finally, I received an anonymous package in the mail today and opened it gleefully, because Thursdays are not usually known for anonymous packages!  Well, correction: I recognized the handwriting as a certain friend's, so it was anonymous only in theory, and I was a little nervous because she and I have a history of sending very unique things to each other.  At a previous job, she loved sending things to my work address because she knew the mail got opened and vetted before it came to me.  (Although, to be fair, I might have started this strange tradition when I mailed her a pack of High School Musical trading cards.)

Inside the envelope?

Yes!! That's my very own Justin Bieber notebook and two-pack of Bieber folders.  I especially love the huge "2" to clarify what a fabulous deal those folders are and the clearance price tags.  I also love Justin's expression on the folder.  Some might call it "pensive" - I say he was aiming for "thoughtful."  (I'll never duck a "10 Things I Hate About You" reference on Miles and Laurel, for the record.)  She also enclosed a recipe for a punch that prominently features grapefruit. (Yum!)

I guess this would be a natural place to explain why I was the lucky recipient of the Bieber gear.  Do we both have Bieber Fever?  I will maintain my air of mystery and let you wonder.

I was at a meeting later in the evening and my Justin Bieber notebook definitely fell out of my bag.  I like to think everyone politely ignored it.

If that was Thursday, I can't wait to see what Friday brings.  No crow pose, please!

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  1. All I can say is: remember the journal you got me?! And: CLEARANCE! *rofl*