Sunday, February 5, 2012

The rest of the run

Good morning!  I am enjoying some coffee and oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter in it before I head out for a day of festivities: a run, a family party, and a Superbowl party.  I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday for the Superbowl party after picking up a couple of key ingredients during my run.  I staged a reenactment once I got back home to demonstrate what it looked like:

That wasn't the only detail about yesterday's run that I left out of the hoarfrost post!  Right away, I saw a woman walking her dog and they were wearing matching leopard print fur coats. Later in the run, I saw a different woman walking a dog.  I approached the pair, and she waved her hand at me, giving me the universal gesture to slow down.  I obliged, opened my mouth to say "good morning," and she said, "Slow down!  The dog hates joggers!"  (Her emphasis, not mine!)  All I could do was try to make it out of earshot before I started giggling.

Also, we went to a bowling alley last night for a friend's 30th birthday party, and I absolutely must share that I bowled a 114 in the first game, my personal record.  We won't talk about the 85 in the second game.  I've developed some odd technique that involves lobbing the ball in such a way that it rolls very slowly down the exact middle of the lane at about 3 miles per hour.  This usually yields a consistent seven to nine pins per turn, but the ball just runs out of steam before it can make the rounds for an actual strike.  So sad.

It's Sunday, Reader!  How are you spending the last day of the weekend?

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