Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shadows on Saturday

Today my long run took me over to Como Lake - not the glam one in Italy where George Clooney hangs out, but the one in St. Paul probably best known for being close to the Como Zoo.

One of the reasons I'm happy I've been keeping up with Miles and Laurel is that I'll forever have a record of this bizarre winter.  It's in the mid-30s right now, which is odd enough for mid-February, but with barely any wind and full sun, it may as well be 55 degrees.  Most of the times I've run this route there has been a whole heap of snow covering the sidewalks, so today was pretty refreshing.

Along the lake, I loved the long, long shadows of the shoreline trees on the ice.  I really don't ever get my fill of shadows, living in a city.  I just love them!

And speaking of my friend George Clooney, I'm off to see "The Descendants"!  Bye!

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