Thursday, February 2, 2012

Produce underdogs

Let's take a moment to appreciate winter produce, yes?  There's nothing like beautiful strawberries and blueberries and watermelon, but winter produce bring a lot of appealing options to the (literal) table, too.

Well.  I can't say Minnesota contributes much of the produce on my mind.  I think we have California and Florida to thank for that. 

I have four avocados resting and ripening in my fruit basket at home. I bought them earlier this week on sale - a really, really good sale - in anticipation for a guacamole-related project for a family party this weekend.  I love the Pioneer Woman's recipe for grilled corn guacamole and will almost definitely manhandle (womanhandle?) a significant portion of this batch at Sunday's party.

I also really, really, really like grapefruit.  I never did until two winters ago, when I decided to give one a try despite its sour reputation.  Oh!  They're so good.  I've started buying one at a time and having a half-grapefruit on days when I have a little extra time for breakfast, so I associate them now with a leisurely treat.  And it doesn't hurt that I would rank their color among my top three favorite hues in the world.

P.S. I dreamed last night that I went to Sweden - I think that's because I just finished reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - and later PR'd by two minutes in the half-marathon in a race that ended in the driveway of my childhood home, which no longer exists.  It was awesome and I woke up very pumped up!  I hope that bodes well for tonight's long run.

P.P.S. Did you know I was typing in gray all this time?  I didn't realize that.  I am switching to the eye-catching black.

P.P.P.S. This post started out on track but really went off the rails after the grapefruit picture, just for fun.  It definitely counts as a Hodge Podge.  Happy Thursday to you!

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  1. let's run a race in stockholm! - fence