Saturday, February 11, 2012

A morning on the lakes

A handy three-word post summary: Valentine's!  Run!  Brr!

This morning was the Twin Cities in Motion Valentine's Day 5K run at Lake Harriet, and as part of my work on TCM's media committee, I was helping out at the photo booth.  Let me tell you, if there are any universal truths in this world, one has gotta be that People Love Photo Booths.  We had a backdrop set up, and the marketing committee had drummed up a bunch of themed props: flowers, little thought bubbles, champagne flutes, hats, mustaches, tiaras, and so on for people to use.  I think they'll be really cute and they'll be on Facebook soon.  Perhaps I even posed with a mustache.

That the race field embraced this photo booth so wholeheartedly was made even more fun by the fact that it was Really, Really Cold.  At race time - that's 10:00 - it was a whopping four degrees...and it was windy, too.  It was very cool that so many people still came out for the race.  

My three favorite parts of today's race:
  1. Instead of a water stop late in the race, there was a candy stop, with little cups full of conversation hearts.
  2. The man who won the race wore shorts.  Whoa.
  3. A proposal happened at the finish line!  The couple ran the race together and the man got down on his knee again at the photo booth to recreate the moment.
Afterward, I headed out for my own run around the lakes.

The sun was so bright and the sky was so blue.  Because of the recent warm weather, Hennepin County had banned all cars and trucks from its lakes.  I saw just a couple of ice fishermen on the Calhoun and Harriet, the two lakes I covered.  Even the hockey rink on Harriet was deserted.  

The windchill may have contributed to that more than the vehicle ban.  Man, the lakes really  do whip up a especially hurtful winter wind.

Good to know the muskies are still there, though.  Gross.  And scary.

Even with the cold, it was fun to be back on the lakes.  I spent so much time on them this summer with my running club and had gotten to associate being there with being totally hot and sweaty and tired from a hard run.

The lifeguard chairs were still up, too.  If you squint, it almost looks like a late summer afternoon with open water.

And the shoreline almost looks like little whitecaps, no?  Well, I think this one is more of a stretch.

Now: Home, warm, and staying inside until dinner.  Happy Saturday to you!

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